ter Horst


The language of Romanticism – of the nineteenth century – resounds in his two string quartets


Ter Horst's music is remarkably melodic and accessible, without being obvious … This debut leaves you wanting more!


Intriguing. visual. Sometimes soft, then heavy. Lots of colors and contrasts.

Edwin Rutten (Klassieke Zaken)

Brahms and Beethoven [are] very prominent in style, design and overall atmosphere, but there is a clear Ter Horst accent. The composer can suddenly give the sweetest melody a different twist with a well-placed dissonance or a surprisingly poignant chord

De Nieuwe Muze

An invitation to the deepest part of your soul


What he brings forth in his first two string quartets is an abundance of ideas, strong emotions, and forceful communication … Enthusiastically recommended all around

Positive Feedback

Highly personal, but fortunately reasonably accessible music thanks to the melodic language


This is exciting, this is thrilling, this grabs you by the throat